Outline – Buying Your Home


Below is a brief outline of the process of buying your home.  Of course there’s more to the story and we’ll talk about them before and  as you’re about to take them yet this consider this the movie trailer.

Your Dollars & Cents – There are many ways to go about looking for a new home and for a smooth efficient process, I recommend the first step is to get pre-approved with your bank and/ or mortgage broker to confirm what your target price point and general price range to ensure you’re not overspending or selling yourself short.

Your Shopping List – The next step is to decide upon your needs, wants and wishes and the priority they each have. We’ll talk about the features you’re looking for, target price point and timelines for your new home as well as the overall process.

Start Shopping – From there I’ll set up a search for  suitable properties and we’ll start shopping. I suggest we include properties slightly below and above your target price point so you’ll have a clear understanding of your purchasing power and how much you actually need to spend to get the home you’re looking for.

You Found the Right Home – It’s time for pen to paper and write your offer.  The concept is quite simple yet there are details and strategies that we’ll talk about when the time comes.

Your Offer is Accepted – Once your offer has been accepted by the seller we begin working on satisfying the Conditions you’ve included in your offer (i.e. Financing, Property Inspection, Condo Document Review, etc).

Your Decision Day – The Condition Day is the date you’ll need to tell the seller  if you’re moving forward with the purchase of the property.

Final Sale – If you’ve decided to buy then the sale is firm and final.  You can start preparing for your new home.

No thanks – If you’ve decided not to buy then we start shopping.

Like I said, it’s a Coles Notes run through of the process and more details will come.

Any questions, just ask!