This was our first time buying a house and we didn’t know what to expect. Heather made the process so easy by listening to what we needed and our budget. She showed us 12 properties, and each one was more suited to us than the previous one. We trusted Heather to find our perfect first home and she did with minimal stress on our part. We appreciated Heather’s abilities so much that we referred two more friends to her within months of buying our home and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling.


- Jamie Pentney and Karena Graca

We had put our house on the market just when the mad rush for people to buy had started to subside. With Heathers decorating advice and great staging our house looked better than it had for the entire time we had lived there, but prices had started to come down a bit so our initial selling price, which had appeared good when we began, was a little too high the way the market was now. Heather was constantly checking the market in our area to ensure our house was properly positioned to sell. With the selling price in line with the market we were able to sell our house quicker than some houses in our neighborhood which were holding out for prices that were no longer viable. When our house sold Heather was able to find us a great house in a great neighborhood we hadnt even considered before. We were also able to take advantage of the fact that our new house had been on the market for some time and were able to make an offer considerably below the asking price. We would definitely call Heather if we had to do this all over again, although we love our new house and arent planning to move any time soon.


- Robert Garness

Heather is a class act. From the first day she came to our house to meet with us, we felt confident in her. She spent an extensive amount of time getting to know us and our aspirations so that when it came time to make a decision, she knew us well enough to help us do so. Always prompt and prepared, Heather conveys a very professional and respectable image. She is extremely well spoken and is ENDLESSLY positive! She simply doesn’t GIVE UP! Our offer fell through and as soon as it did, Heather was ready with another plan to re-market it. Mostly, Heather listens. Quite honestly, we were really surprised to meet a Realtor who we felt always had our best interest at heart.


- Robert and Kirsten Zimola

We would not hesitate to whole heartedly recommend Heather to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. We interviewed several agents before choosing her and ultimately chose Heather because she stood head and shoulders above the rest. It began with the thoroughness of her analysis of the market and how our home compared with others in the area. She made recommendation to improve the curb appeal and even made sure details like light fixtures got repaired. This is just one example of a level of service which was in a word spectacular. Every step of the process she patiently explained all the things that were involved and made sure we had hall the details to make informed choices. She was a valuable sounding board. We will use Heather for any of our Calgary real estate needs in the future.


- Kathy Peacock and Rob Karg

We have bought and sold several houses and we’ve never had an agent work as hard for us as Heather. She was very willing to put in the long days looking at multiple houses and when it came to the purchasing, she lined up anything we needed. Heather had a good knowledge of the market and the area. It would have been very difficult to purchase a home if we didn’t have a Realtor like Heather.


- Dekkers Family

We believe we have the best real estate agent in the WORLD. This could sound exaggerative but its not. Heather puts her heart and sold then some into her work and her clients. She always makes you feel as though you are the most important person on the planet and your needs will be met. She does not hesitate to be hones when she feels as though you are going astray in your search, but in a kind way reassures your thinking process and readjusts if necessary. No, I’m not a relative but we have grown to love Heather and trust her implicitly. We feel blessed to have found her and recommend her to whoever we can. Caralee and Les McKinney


- Caralee and Less McKinney

Heather Cleveland is terrific realtor. She quickly developed a rapport with me which helped me find the right investment property to meet my needs. What I was looking for wasn’t easy and we must have looked at 20 different properties over the period of a few months. I expect this was a frustrating experience because I was looking for a unique property and as such it took quite a while for both of us to realize what I was looking for. Once we finally found the property that I wanted, I was not the only one and as such I placed myself in a competitive bidding situation. Fortunately, Heather read the situation and provided me the necessary information to make an informed decision and be the successful bidder. As negotiations furthered, and conditions were lifted, I became aware that the mortgage person at the bank I was dealing with was new to the position. This caused delays in closing the deal.

Because Heather had a good relationship with the other realtor, we were able to smooth over any misunderstandings. In an effort to solve the problem, Heather referred me to a mortgage broker who made himself immediately available and tried to help. Once all of our necessary paperwork was in order, we were informed that the seller did not have an experience real estate lawyer which again caused delays. Needless to say, the banking party on our side and the legal parties on the seller’s side caused significant issues which disrupted the sale. Heather was professional throughout and kept her composure which I expect wasn’t easy to do. Heather’s ability to form trust relationships was a real asset in this transaction. She was resourceful when she involved other colleagues who were experienced in buying investment properties and mortgage brokers who were willing to assist in a moments notice. She is a capable, resourceful and hard working individual. Without question, I would involve Heather in other real estate transactions and would recommend her to anyone considering buying a home. Sincerely Don O’Dwyer


- Don O’Dwyer

Because this ws our first home purchase, we only had a basic working knowledge of the overall procedure going in. Heather really helped guide us through with enthusiasm, diligence, and a very calm demeanour. Right from the start, we felt very comfortable and confident having her in our corner. We especially appreciated her pre-screening several properties, which saved us a lot of time and energy. We can unequivocally say we feel Heather went out of her way from the beginning to the end to help us in every facet of the process. We have no hesitation recommending Heather’s services to others.


- Ken Petersen