My experience was nothing short of phenomenal. From the very first showing to closing the deal, Heather was extremely helpful and responsive. Her attention to detail is second to none and she carries around all the gadgets to ensure everything on the property is in working order. She always has great insights/tips and knows the neighborhoods really well. Certainly going back to Heather if I were to sell my place or decide to purchase a new one.

- Sarim Siddiqui

Heather, you are by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. You made my choice both logical and comfortable. And you were patient with my questions and my occasional meltdowns. 🙂 I will be recommending you to everyone I know who will be in the market. And when the time comes I will be calling on you again.

- Sandy Blass

Heather Cleveland has now helped me with two property purchases. Both times she has been an excellent Realtor. She always listens to your needs and wants and supports you through the whole process. She’s informative, knowledgeable, strategic, caring, and just a great human being all around. The first time I purchased, I actually interviewed a couple of Realtors to figure out who would be a great fit for me. Heather took me out for coffee and got to know me as a person and built a relationship with me, rather than just getting right down to business. She has never pressured me/us into buying anything too quickly and always asks the right questions to make you think and process your own thoughts and decisions. Thank you for everything you’ve done!! We love our new house!

- Dean Estrella

Heather’s guidance was invaluable. Prior to starting the process, we thought a realtor was mainly there to facilitate the transaction. As we worked with Heather, she took the time to get to know us and help us understand exactly what it was we were looking for. Although we knew we were ready to buy a house, we didn’t know much more. Heather help us understand our own goals and provided guidance on how the different properties aligned with our goals. We definitely took our time in making a purchase, but felt like we knew exactly what we wanted by the time we made our final decision. Ultimately we built our house to the specifications we wanted in an area which we had initially dismissed before Heather helped us see the value in it and just how much it aligned with our goals. We are very happy in our new home and we’re glad we had the right person by our side helping us through this process.

- Robin Prashad

Heather worked really hard to steer us in the right direction with both the sale and purchasing process. If we had questions, she provided us with the pros and cons of the situation which guided us in making the most informed decision possible. We appreciated Heather’s level of organization at every turn. She even comes prepared with a well-organized team of professionals to recommend – legal, home inspector, trades, etc. Overall, Heather really works hard at what she does and strives to provide the best service in the business. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Heather again in the future on the sale or purchase of a home, and are proud to pass along her name whenever the opportunity presents itself.

- Alex MacIsaac

Heather provided exceptional service and went above and beyond our expectations. She was proactive in keeping us informed and provided information and advice throughout the process. Her responses were prompt and she was able to follow through on requests, even with extremely short notice.  – Kevin Hoang

- Kevin Hoang

Heather was extremely wonderful to work with, she has a professional approach to everything she does, nothing is missed great contacts in the industry, very patient. I highly recommend her. We wanted to go with her after talking with several realtors prior to deciding to list our house she brought in so much information of our area and why we could list our house at the price she showed that sold us.  – Randy Panksy

- Randy Pansky

Heather is awesome! My whole survey says it all. She is a professional and provides the service, timing and details to get the job done with excellence. Keep up the good work Heather!!!  – Patti Pansky

- Patti Pansky

10/10 !!! Very supportive honest knowledgeable and hard working with our best interest in mind throughout the process. Excellent communication. Would highly recommend Heather!  – Lauren Sule

- Lauren Sule

Heather was a great Realtor throughout our entire process. She always made sure we understood everything in detail as we were new home buyers and not quite sure what we were doing. She genuinely cared about finding a perfect home for us and wouldn’t settle for less. I would never use another Realtor after her!   – Alex Reed

- Alexandra Reed