Off the Clock

Biking on the Annapurana Circuit in Nepal

One of the fundamentals of having a successful career is also having a balance between work and play.

Off the clock you will find me riding mountain bikes, on my yoga mat, running trails, snowboarding and enjoying the culinary and foodie scene in Calgary.   Another way I fuel the fire is by traveling abroad and I have been fortunate to leave my footprints in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Italy, Sicily, Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, Macau, Cayman Islands, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru and across our awesome country a few times.  And my passport is getting ready for Tibet, Mongolia and Laos/Cambodia.   I am very grateful for all these opportunities and they inspire me to contribute to the two charities closest to my heart, Bikes Without Borders and Kiva with hopes to contribute to someone else’s fortune and opportunity.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.   Plato